When I Saw This Pig Surfing, My Jaw DROPPED.

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf. The beautiful beaches, incredible waves, and surfer lifestyle that places like the islands of Hawaii are known for make me jealous I don’t live near the ocean. The little pig, Kama, seen here, was found and adopted by this local surfer, and clearly shares the surfing and ocean-loving mindset that I do! Once you see the four-legged animal shredding on a surfboard you won’t believe your eyes!!

Seriously, this little piggy would put me to shame if I ever tried my hand at surfing!! He’s a natural! The adorable and talented pig knows all the surfing terminology and where he needs to be on the board so he can ride out each wave to the end. The craziest part is that the wild, rescue pig didn’t even have to be taught how to swim or surf! He just picked it up on his own after a few laps in the pool and watching his owner hang ten like a pro! The extreme sport of surfing just got a little bit more wild!

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