Woman Shares Her Daily Life Living with a Lovable Pig and His Rat Siblings

People have always been used to adopting cats and dogs as pets, but others prefer something out of the norm. They’ll take in spiders, snakes, lizards, rabbits, fish, birds, or even farm animals. Their home is open to any creature that needs a place to stay, and it doesn’t matter if it’s exotic. Taking care of those animals might be new for them, but they’ll research answers to properly provide them with a comfortable life. Some people even share their daily life with their pets to give a glimpse of their living arrangements. That’s when you’ll know that animals can get along with humans, especially when given proper care and genuine affection. You can even have a pig at home, and it would be like having a dog or cat as a pet.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Mina Alali is the human mom of Merlin, the mini Vietnamese potbelly. They’re not just mom and baby but also housemates, along with two rats named Miracle and Millie. Mina has built an adorable relationship with Merlin which has been winning hearts on the internet. The two shared their daily life with The Dodo — from the moment they woke up and during outdoor trips. Merlin sleeps beside Mina, and he’s her natural alarm clock, especially when he wants to be fed. He wakes up the whole house with a squeal — your system will surely liven up after hearing him call in the morning. After feeding Merlin, their mornings include going out for a walk. It is indeed an adorable sight because people don’t usually encounter a pig during their jog or on the way to work.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

The digital creator is a very hands-on mom to Merlin — both of them already share a daily routine. “He hates baths,” Mina said as Merlin squealed as the water dropped on his skin. “I don’t know how I haven’t gotten a complaint from a neighbor yet.” Every bath time is like a battle between her and the pig, but she doesn’t forget to calm him down with comforting words. “The majority of the time, he’s on my lap while I’m writing emails, but if he wants attention, he’s pressing his buttons.” It was the cutest thing ever because the buttons would convey Merlin’s thoughts. Turns out the playful Vietnamese potbelly also loves to dance with mom. Mina would happily oblige and pause work to sway him around.

Aside from spending time with Mina, Merlin also loves the companionship of his rat siblings. “He loves when the rats climb on his back. Merlin loves the rats, and the rats love Merlin, so Merlin, fortunately or unfortunately, learned how to open the rat cage,” she explained. Mina would complain, but even when she calls it a madhouse, she definitely adores the relationship between all her pets. It is alright for her as long as she has her alone time when nap time arrives at 4:00 PM. She’ll be focusing on work until 6:00 PM when Merlin wakes up.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“I totally treat Merlin like he is my child, and it’s absolutely worth it. He’s such an intelligent and complex being, and I’ve just loved getting to see all the different facets of his personality,” Mina lovingly said. She even left advice to those who plan on getting a pig. She says you have to be prepared for what is to come. Surely, you’ll be wishing for a charming Vietnamese potbelly like Merlin after watching their interview on The Dodo. Merlin has won the hearts of the people online and also the places where Mina usually takes him. Wherever he goes, people can’t stop taking pictures or stop by and admire his cuteness. Follow them on Instagram and TikTok to see more of their daily life — a great addition to your online source of happiness.

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