This Picky Golden Wont Eat Her Food Until Her Owner Does THIS!

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We all know people who are very picky eaters and are so particular about their food. They love hamburgers but hate meatballs; love grilled cheese but hate mac and cheese; love applesauce but hate apples. Yes, those people exist. And thankfully I am not one of them. But this silly Golden Retriever is definitely one of them. She’s very particular about her dog food!

She just stares at her bowl of dog food and doesn’t want to eat it. Her owner has come up with a plan that finally gets her to eat it. He takes the bowl and puts it in the oven (without turning it on) and just puts on the timer for one minute. He stands there with Luna while she waits for her food to be done “cooking.” Once the timer goes off, he takes the bowl out of the oven and places it on the floor. Luna wags her tail and begins to eat it all without hesitation! What a silly pup!

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