Kitten Sisters, Born With Deformed Legs, Get Tiny Casts And A New Lease On Life

Meet Phyllis, Michonne and Fleur Bunny! Three kittens with lots of spunk in spite of their special needs.

Three kittens, known as the Twisted Sisters, are inspiring all those around them. They were born with deformed front legs but they don’t let their disability get in the way of their will to live a full and spunky life.

When they were tiny, they were able to walk around on their legs because they didn’t weigh much. But as they get bigger and bigger, their legs wouldn’t be able to withstand their body weight. So, knowing their challenges, a rescue group took them in and vowed to help the kittens.


Fleur Bunny’s legs got much better on their own but a veterinarian wanted to amputate Phyllis and Michonne’s legs. Their foster mom, seeing how active and playful the kittens were, decided that she would seek out other ways to help them. So, she got them mini casts!


With proper time in the casts, Michonne’s legs almost healed completely. She improved soooo much! However, Phyllis didn’t improve much. Her legs were much more severe. She will never be able to walk normally but she still gets around in her own special way.


Considering all they have been through, the Twisted Sisters, are doing amazing thanks to determination and LOTS of love!

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