This Photographer Got Very Close To A Wolf Pack. When They Look Up, They Did What Instincts Told Them To Do.

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Photographer Marty Sloan came out to take photos of a wolf pack in Wolf Park, Battle Ground, Indiana. Standing on the lake-side green, he never expected this to happen. The pack gets really close to him and start playing with each other. Then one jumps up and starts licking his face! He tries taking pictures but the pack won’t leave his side and eventually they end up on the floor.

They are so friendly and suffocating him with licks and kisses. They are practically climbing over each other just to get to him. They are like big cuddly dogs! Of course it is not a great idea to try to cuddle wild wolves, but these friendly guys are an exception. We don’t know too much of the backstory of these wolves, but this video is awesome to watch!

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