This Photographer Parked His Car To Take Pictures Of Moose. But, He Got MORE Than A Picture…

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A Canadian wildlife photographer, John Marriott, was in Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada, when his car got a very unique car wash. No, he didn’t bring it to one. This car wash came to him! A moose cow and calf went up to his SUV and began licking the salt off of it! The best part is, Marriott wasn’t in his car, so he got the whole thing on video!

He was giving a workshop at Maligne lake where he and his group parked their cars to take pictures of the moose. But what they got was far better! Moose are known to seek out salt and other minerals, which is why road salt can draw moose toward traffic and cars. Look at these cute moose! One is bigger than his car!! Marriott said he never expected this, nor seen anything like it. And neither have I…until now!

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