Pet Store Secretly Replaces Their Pets For Sale With Shelter Animals To Prove There’s No Difference

There are millions of shelters all over the world that are filled with animals who are waiting for families to adopt them. Some are lucky enough to experience that. But for some, that time may sadly never come.

When no one adopts a dog, high-kill shelters will euthanize them, while dogs at no-kill shelters will grow old there. Neither situation is a good one, and they are far too common. Yet people are still spending a ton of money to buy pets rather than adopting one.

Associacao Quatro Patinhas, an animal shelter in Brazil, says that there is no difference between pure-bred animals and shelter animals, so they came up with a genius idea to prove that. They invited a pet shop to lend its displays for one day. They replaced the animals for sale with pets for adoption without telling any of the customers who walked in.

Watch what happens in the video below:

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