Let’s Do Yoga with Kittens and Puppies

Looking for a little inspiration to get your butt off the couch and get some exercise? Well, look no further. We’ve got the thing that tops all the other things.

That’s right, folks. Both kitten yoga and puppy yoga are now things that exist (also baby rabbit yoga—who knew?). They may not exist in your area just yet, but that’s all the more reason to spread the word and make this more popular all over the world!

So where are kitten and puppy yoga available? The practice is becoming popular in different areas of the world, but one place you can perfect your cat and cow pose with actual cats (or dogs—your choice) is at a yoga club in London called Pets Yoga.

Pets Yoga is making yoga a lot more fun and a lot more adorable than it used to be. For £35, you can spend an hour working on that flexibility, gaining muscle tone, and petting some cute furry critter babies, ranging from eight weeks to six months old. Occasionally the pups and kitties get a little out of hand, but that’s all part of the fun. This isn’t your traditional yoga class.

Perhaps you’ve been avoiding yoga all your life because you’re worried about how you’ll look in your yoga pants doing a downward dog. But nobody’s going to be watching you when there are real doggies in the room to pay attention to! You’ll find your self-consciousness melting away as a kitten or puppy climbs up on your back for a nap.

Or perhaps you’re a well-versed yogi looking to mix things up a bit. There’s no better way to spice up your practice than by adding kittens or puppies to it! No matter your yoga style or experience level, kitten yoga or puppy yoga (or maybe both on separate occasions) offers something for everyone.

Pets Yoga partners with responsible breeders to get access to cuddly fur babies for their clients to play with. The partnership also helps the pets get accustomed to human contact and learn some socialization skills. And who knows? A few of them might meet their perfect pet parents at yoga class too.

“I have been looking for a while for a place where people could get rid of the stress accumulated through work, tiredness, or other life issues,” says Imane, founder of Pets Yoga. “I have found out that no place in London was providing yoga classes for people with special guests (baby animals), when we know that human-pet interaction can be beyond relaxing and enhance yoga virtues. Pets Yoga is a concept born through my aim to offer this kind of activity and my love for pets.”

While you’re waiting for kitten and puppy yoga to become more popular in your area (it shouldn’t take long, because, you know, it’s about kittens and puppies), feel free to practice yoga with your own pet—just make sure you’re doing it safely. You don’t want to come tumbling down from a scorpion pose on top of your pet or risk being knocked over while you’re perfecting the one-handed tree pose.

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