Pets Do Their Best To Sing Christmas Songs, Then Cats Hilariously Judge Their Auditions

It’s time for the holidays which means it’s time to pump up the volume on Christmas songs! Who doesn’t love Christmas music? It makes everyone happy and really gets us into the holiday spirit. But what’s better than Christmas music? Pets singing it!

This video portrays a pet X-Factor, Christmas edition. Pets such as dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs, all battle it out to see who will win the competition. Of course the animals don’t actually sing or talk, but the human’s voiceovers are absolutely hilarious and will have you smiling from ear to ear!

The cat judges are not impressed at all and are left in confusion at many of the pets’ hilarious and awkward auditions. Needless to say, this video is too funny and perfect for the holidays!

Who would rather watch this version of X-Factor instead of the human one?!

Watch for yourself below:

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