A Sick Stray Puppy Was Found On A Mountain. After A Long Recovery, He Looks Like A Brand New Dog!

This little puppy, named Petri, was found as a stray on a mountain, near a busy suburb of Athens, Greece. His mom abandoned him, leaving him to fend for himself. In his short three months of life, he already had a plethora of problems. He suffered from horrible mange, ehrlichia, and of course, malnutrition.

He spent one month at the clinic receiving treatment and was already starting to look much better. His dirty pink skin was now starting to grow little white fuzz. He was showered with love and attention, but due to his rough past, he was still very shy and afraid.

A month later, he went home with a foster. There, he was still very nervous and curled up in his crate. He was given food and water outside of his crate, which he eventually ventured out for. Then, he started exploring the house. It didn’t take long before he began wagging his tail and warming up to the new environment.

Now he gets to sleep in a warm bed every night, play with his doggy friends, and has his own toys. He even got to go outside for the first time since his rescue, and he absolutely loved it. A month later, he was extremely social! The best part? He was adopted! You’d never think he was the same dog who was found no the mountain. It’s amazing what a little TLC can do!

Watch his story in the video below:

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