Pets Are Also Packing On The Pounds In Lockdown, New Survey Shows

Humans have been complaining about gaining weight during the coronavirus quarantine, even calling it the “quarantine 15.” It seems as if they aren’t alone, even man’s best friend is packing on the pounds.

According to a new survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Banfield Pet Hospital, about 1 out of 3 pets have gained weight since the lockdown started in March. 1,000 animal owners were used in the survey, which was taken in May. According to the results, 25% claim that their pets did gain “a little weight” but 85 said their pets gained “a lot of weight.”

It seems as if humans are to blame. 40% of those who responded said they are guilty of giving their pets more treats and snacks once the COVID-19 lockdown started.

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“With owners spending increased time with their cats and dogs during quarantine, they may be showing affection with food more often,” Banfield veterinarian Dr. Heidi Cooley tells The New York Post. “Overfeeding, not providing enough exercise, and giving too many treats are all things that can lead to weight gain in pets.”

It is similar to humans that have a hard time sticking to a workout routine while they are at home. Going to the gym might be dangerous and many parks are closed, which has added to the weight gain of both humans and pets.

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Cooley said that people “might be finding it difficult to help their pets reach their daily activity goals due to stay-at-home directives, with many pet owners likely avoiding dog parks, going on long walks or utilizing services like dog walkers.”

In order to keep from being too kind to our pets, Cooley is advising owners to make “small changes like measuring their pet’s food, limiting treats to no more than 10 percent of their pet’s daily calories and upping their pet’s daily activity.”

If an animal gains too much weight, it could cause serious health problems, including diabetes and arthritis.

Then again, pets aren’t doing too much complaining while their best friends are home every day.

Out of those who were surveyed, 84% said they were more understanding of their pet’s health and 38% admitted that their pets are happier during this time. 65% even admitted to showering their pets with more affection.

One downside is that 47% of those surveyed feel that separation anxiety could be a serious problem once they go back to work. That is why most are planning on spending more time at home.

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