Redditors Discuss How They Chose Their Particular Pets

There will be moments in life when you’ll meet someone with whom you’ll instantly have sparks. It’s as if life had finally allowed both of you to start that connection and maintain it for a long time. Experiencing that with someone can be striking and enigmatic. You don’t know where or how it began — the two of you just clicked like you found the right puzzle pieces. Such meet-ups don’t only happen with humans; you could also feel that with animals.

Life will randomly lead you to a pet in various ways. It’ll be the right place, right timing kind of moment. At first, you’ll think that they need you, that’s why the animal was brought to your life. But as years go by, you’ll realize how significant their existence is and how they changed your life. A lot of people believe that animals choose their humans since they have this instinct that could determine if they are safe with you. Others think that it also depends on the human’s preference and if the potential pet fits the description.

Perhaps it’s a case-by-case situation, and you’ll have to run a survey to identify the common denominator between pet parents. A Redditor made it easy by posting a question on AskReddit. The post by desiree-west started the discussion with the question, “People with pets, what made you choose that pet over the others when you got them?” When presented with various options of equally adorable animals, how did people really end up with one choice? Here are a few of the answers to OP’s question. You might relate to some of their backstories.

Eye-Locked Moment

Animals can indeed attract you by looking into their eyes, and they can easily melt your heart. YourMothersButtox wrote, “This lumpy old loaf of a shelter dog locked eyes with my then 6-year-old, and it was over. The two of them had an immediate connection and belonged together.” Animals can feel if a human can be their most trusted person in the long run. However, YourMothersButtox shared that the two only had each other for 4 years. Nevertheless, they spent those four years full of happiness and love.

To Provide the Home They Deserve

Seeing a stray dog struggling in life and not getting adopted or picked up can easily tug your heartstrings. It will motivate you to welcome them into your home and provide them with the love they deserve. Oobedoob_S_Benubi shared a similar experience involving a street dog with a messed up paw. “He’s an idiot, but whenever he frustrates me (which happens, since he’s a hyperactive idiot and our previous dog was perfect), I remember where he was before us, and how he deserves a home too.” Their family took the risk, and they never regretted the decision they chose that day.

Chosen Human

They say that cats choose their humans, and, due to the number of testimonies, the claims might have been true. Novah11 can attest that when a cat from an adoption place tugged her sleeve to catch her attention, she knew it was the one. “I was looking at kittens at an adoption place when I felt something tugging on my sleeve. And there was this 7-month-old cat, looking me in the eyes and saying ‘brow?’ ‘Why would you want a KITTEN when you could take home a teenager!’ The eye contact told me he was a true ‘people cat,’ and I was right. He’s always at my side (in my lap now) and is 15 years old.”

The majority of the responses to OP’s question were similar to Novah11’s answer. Most pet parents were chosen by their babies after meeting in rescue centers, adoption places, or random encounters outdoors. It’s incredible how each one had extraordinary or exceptional backstories about how pets end up with their forever family. Animals can definitely sense humans who are generous and responsible enough to take them. In return, they shower their human parents with unconditional love and daily doses of serotonin. Now, if you plan to adopt a pet, you might experience one of the answers you can find in the discussion.

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