Fox Born On A Fur Farm Was Sold Many Times As A Pet To Different People Who Couldn’t Care For Him

This little fox, named Silver, escaped a horrible life three different times. He was born on a fur farm and then bought by someone who wanted to keep him as a pet. But the person who bought him did not know what they were in for.

Foxes don’t make the best pets. “They dig, they can be food-aggressive. To us, the choice of an ‘exotic’ pet [is] being totally unfair to the animal,” Wildwoods explained.

Since the fox was too much for the man to handle, he wound up selling him online. But the people that bought him also couldn’t take care of him.

This poor little guy has been through so much in his young life, getting passed around like he’s a doll. Thankfully he is now safe at a sanctuary called Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation in Duluth, Minnesota, where he will receive the best care and all of the love in the world!

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