Man Builds A ‘Pet Food Blessings Box’ To Fight Animal Hunger In His City

If you’re a pet owner and you can afford to feed your pet plenty of food and take care of them, consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who can’t do the same for their pets as you. Unfortunately, this leads to many pets who aren’t strays to go hungry. It’s a silent problem that not many are aware of. Thankfully, on Kentucky-based man, Travis Combs, decided to do his bit.

Being a dedicated animal lover and all around good person, he was inspired to build a blessing box, specifically stocked with pet products. The box itself is pretty adorable – made in the shape of a vibrant red dog house, complete with a bone sign that says, “Pet Food Blessing Box.”

The blessing box is roomy enough to store everything from food, to treat, to other pet essentials. The blessing box is situated just outside the Tiki’s Treasures antique store of Jackson, Kentucky. The blessing box is open and available not just to those who need to feed their pets, but to those kind souls who wish to donate items as well.

Combs stated, “Kentucky’s one of the worst in the nation for animal abuse, starvation, abandonment that sort of thing. So, a bunch of our friends got together and we saw a need and a way that we could help out.”

So, how exactly does it work? Simple enough. The box is permanently unlocked, in order for people to access it when they need it. Additionally, do-gooders can also drop off supplies to the box such as food or treats, but people will often leave other pet necessities such as pee pads or toys. Plus, just because the box is built like a dog house, that doesn’t mean it is exclusive to canine use. It’s envoy to bring other pet items like things that would benefit cats or other small mammals.

Any pet owner who is finding themselves in hard times is more than welcome to avail of the box – and at a later time should they wish, they can pay it forward rather than back.

Combs added, “Anybody’s free to come and take what they need, and then just leave what they can.”

This idea was inspired by Combs’ drive for helping dogs in need. His house is often overrun by rescues, so he’s well-versed in the importance of maintaining canine well-being. As a result, he wants to spread that ability with other pet parents who may not have the resources to do so.

Combs wants to inspire the globe to build pet blessing boxes of their own in order to end pet hunger. If you’re interested in putting one of these boxes up in your area, you can get in touch with Combs through the Kentucky Craftworks Facebook page. And if you’re a Kentucky inhabitant, you should try to visit his blessing box and donate if you’re able to. All pet owners should be able to provide their furbabies with adequate nutrition.

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