Digital Marketer Establishes a Food Bank for Pet Owners Affected by Inflation

The world has entered a phase where inflation badly affects the economy again. Businesses, livelihoods, and households have been cutting back on their budget. Inflation has reached the point where employees are laid off, some companies have gone bankrupt, and families struggle to meet everyone’s needs. The crisis also affects pets, as fur parents decide to abandon or return them to animal shelters. With the ongoing price increase, pet parents cannot afford essentials like before.

It’s truly saddening to let go of a pet due to financial difficulties, but it would be more heartbreaking if they were left with nothing to eat. The Animal Care Centers of NYC has reported that the number of surrendered cats and dogs has increased by 25%. Although returning pets to shelters is the safest idea, the numbers are still alarming.

“We’re hearing these stories more and more as shelters face pressure to go ‘no kill’; instead of taking all comers, as open-admission shelters do, facilities with ‘no-kill’ policies manipulate their statistics by creating obstacles for people trying to turn in animals and accepting only those they deem most ‘adoptable,’” PETA shared in an email to Fox News.

Amidst the crisis, a digital marketer from Northumberland, England, has thought of a solution to help with the issue. Tyesha Muncaster has established a pet food bank for fur parents who find it hard to maintain stable funds for their beloved babies. The 24-year-old digital marketer has already helped 200 households since the food bank was started. Her mission began when she donated food pouches for cat owners and posted it on Facebook. As a cat mom, she knows exactly how hard it is to feel incapable of giving the best life to her fur babies.

Photo: Youtube/ChronicleLive

As the pet food bank continues to grow, the helping paw also reached out to people with dogs, rabbits, and bearded dragons. She now has 30 volunteers who keep the food bank system well-organized. They also have a Facebook page where they share updates, reach people, and answer inquiries. You can follow their page, A Helping Paw Pet Food Bank. All the information you need to send donations and how to apply for volunteer work can be found on the Facebook page or their official website.

Photo: Youtube/ChronicleLive

Pet owners have been grateful for Tyesha’s idea, as they will never be separated from their fur babies again. Those on the verge of rehoming their pets have been saved from heartbreak and separation anxiety. During such tumultuous times, the community should certainly be helping each other. Tyesha has acted, and it was truly inspiring to see such genuine motivation be passed down to other people. Watch her interview in the video below and learn how to be a helping paw.

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