‘Barry The Canary’ Goes Viral For His Adorable Bowl Cut

We all love our pets but at times, they have something to offer that the world would appreciate. That is the case with a canary in the UK. When people saw the “moptop hair” on the bird, it went viral!

Barry the bird now has over 9000 followers on Instagram and people just can’t seem to get enough of him. According to the British news agency, SWNS, the bird’s owner, George Shute is surprised with the attention.

“I made a post of Barry in a rainbow and it got a lot of positive reaction,” George commented. “I put it on Instagram, and it spiraled on there. It found its way on to Twitter but I didn’t get the credit, it got 320,000 likes.”

“I thought we’d get about 1,000 followers but I didn’t think we’d exceed that, so having 6,000 is a bit overwhelming,” Shute added at the time.

Some of the popular pictures on Instagram include birds singing and doing funny poses. The account was started on the social network after she posted a picture on her website and got an amazing reaction.

“People wanted to hear him sing so I spent an entire two days trying to get him to sing to the camera — he’s actually a bit camera shy,” Shute explained, according to Fox News. “When he sees the camera he kind-of freezes. But he lives a pampered lifestyle — he’s quite a diva.”

Carole is Georgie’s mother and she thinks the commotion was started because of the hairstyle.

“He’s a Gloster canary and the haircut is natural, but I don’t think they’re that common, people have not really seen that style of bird before,” Carole pointed out. “With the rainbow picture, it just sparked people’s interest.”

You can see more amazing pictures of this bird on his Instagram account, @barrybirb

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