Pet Boarding

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What is Pet Boarding?

Most pet owners know that the need to spend some extended time away from a pet is unavoidable. Pet boarding, often offered by veterinarian clinics or pet boarding kennels, is a service that provides in-house pet care while an owner is away. While some pet boarding companies provide day care when owners are at work, others specialize in overnight care for extended periods of time. Pet boarders provide meals, exercise, play and supervision for pets in their care.

Pet owners face many anxieties when deciding whether their furry pal should join them on a trip or would be better off staying at a boarding kennel. Pet boarding is a popular and highly-successful option that can lessen the stress of leaving your pet behind.

What are the Benefits of Pet Boarding?

Boarding facilities for pets, often called pet hotels or resorts, can be very advantageous for pets and their humans when time away is a must. Some of the major advantages of leaving your four-legged-friend in the care of a professional boarding facility include:

  • A Safe Environment– Your pet is much more likely to be kept safe in a professional facility than at your home or another person’s home. You’ll have the peace of mind that your pet will not be able to escape or get into something dangerous while you’re away.
  • Daily Professional Attention– Your pet’s daily care needs will be met through the care of well-qualified professionals. Boarding companies employ trained professionals who are well-equipped to respond to any needs or emergencies that may arise.
  • Socialization and Fun Activities While you’re away enjoying your vacation, your pet probably is too! Boarding facilities give pets the unique opportunity to interact with other dogs and cats that are also staying at the kennel. Boarding companies also provide your pet with daily exercise.
  • Medical and Special Dietary CareIf your pet has any special medical or dietary needs, trained professionals at the boarding facility will administer his daily care. Many boarding companies also have a veterinarian on staff or contract with one locally so that emergency care can be administered quickly and effectively.
  • Reasonable RatesBecause boarding companies serve several families at a time, their rates are likely to be more reasonable than those of in-house caregivers. Many offer discounts for extended stay or pet “siblings.”
  • Unmatched Availability– Professional boarding providers are usually staffed with several professionals, so that they are able to offer care for longer hours or extended periods without an interruption in service.

Where Can You Find a Pet Boarding Provider?

If you’re heading out of town and would prefer to leave your pet in the care of pet boarding company, look no further than Our network is filled with high-quality companies that can make your time away much less stressful.

For help finding the perfect local pet boarder for your four-legged friend, fill out the form at and the form within to find insured, bonded, vetted pet boarding companies today!




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