Your Pet Can Donate Blood To Save Another Dog Or Cat

People do their best to take care of their pets but accidents are bound to happen. Sometimes the animal may need surgery or some type of treatment and a blood transfusion may be suggested by the veterinarian.

You might not be aware that blood and plasma donation programs for dogs and cats are available.

“Many people do not realize the significant impact their dog could make,” Casey Mills of North American Veterinary Blood Bank told NBC.

There are different types of blood that are specific to the species. Three different blood types are found in cats and 12 different types are found in dogs. That is why a large donor pool becomes necessary. Greyhounds appear to have the universal blood type, similar to O-negative blood in humans.

Different regulations for screening animal blood and plasma donations exist in each state. Veterinarians are typically aware of the steps that need to be taken.

Only a few animal blood banks exist in North America now. They include Dixon and Garden Grove California, Stockbridge Michigan, Richmond, and Bristow Virginia, and Annapolis Maryland. If your pet meets the criteria to donate blood and you live in one of those areas, you may be able to take advantage of it. It does not require anesthesia and takes only about 30 minutes.

They typically give plenty of treats and TLC to the animals that are providing donations. Exams and screenings are sometimes given at a discount to the humans in their lives.

“[The animals are] always so excited when they come in the door to see us because they know we’re going to give them tons of peanut butter or Milk-Bones … whatever their little heart desires,” added Mills.

The call for pet blood donations is growing. It is by donation only, so it is never required that you provide it.

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