This Persistent Pup Knows Exactly How To Get His Human To Feed Him!

This German Shepherd is hungry. He wants his dinner and he wants it NOW and he won’t take no for an answer! His human mentions that had already just eaten, but the hungry pup wants more and is too impatient to wait until his next meal time. He is so desperate that he resorts to showing his human how to feed him!

Apollo the pup is standing next to his empty food bowl and paws is, causing it to topple over and spin around. He does this several times to get his human’s attention to show him that he wants more food. Apollo walks over to his human and starts to lick his hand and guide it toward the pantry door. He touches the door knob with his nose and waits for his human to get the point. After he opens the door, Apollo goes right for the food container. Then he sits patiently and waits to be fed again. He gives those adorable sad puppy eyes that we all know way too well. I’m sure his human gave him some more food. Who could resist that face…and those ears!

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