Rescued From A Sewer, This Brother And Sister Poodle Pair Have Learned To Trust Again

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You won’t believe the transformation these beautiful rescued poodles experience. Thanks to some Hope for Paws intervention they go from helpless, dirty and living in the sewer to beautiful, loving, ready to be adopted pets. When the rescue staff got the call for help all they knew was that there were a couple of dogs living in a sewer.  It took the crew quite a bit of work to get down to the dogs, walking through filth and trash. Once they finally found the dogs they received a less than warm welcome. The brother poodle tried to protect his sister from them and neither dog would eat the hamburgers they offered them.

After a lot of love and coaxing they finally got them out of the sewer. That’s when the magic happened. Wait until you see how well these siblings recovered. It’s going to melt your heart!

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