He Was Abandoned Alone On A Busy Road. He Waited There For Weeks, Hoping His Family Would Return

Hope For Paws was alerted about a dog who was abandoned near a busy road. For weeks, he stayed around the spot he was left at, waiting for his family to come back for him. But they never did.

Rescuers showed up at the scene to try to get ahold of the poor pup. He was terrified, and they had to be very careful so that he wouldn’t dart into traffic. They got food to give him, but he was so scared, he wouldn’t come close enough for them to get him.

They put out a humane trap while they hid in the alley across the street. Once he was in the cage, they began to pet the trap to show him that they were there to help him, not hurt him. But when they put their hands near him, he growled and barked. They named him Pepe and brought him to the hospital. Once he warmed up to them, he was actually extremely friendly! Beneath all of the filth and mats, Pepe was a very loving dog. They bathed and groomed him, and now he looks like a whole new dog.

If you’d like to adopt Pepe, contact www.hoperanchanimalsanctuary.org

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