People Are Turning Retro TVs Into Trendy Cat Beds

Flat-screen television sets are the norm now and we cannot even remember the last time we saw one with a larger back. Even those of us who do not consider ourselves to be rich might have multiple flat screens in our homes. That just leaves us with one problem that needs to be taken care of: what do we do with our old and played out television sets?

Fortunately, we are here to provide you with the answers that you need, in a timely manner. There’s no need to throw that television away and there aren’t a lot of places that are accepting donations right now. If you happen to come across one of these bad boys, there’s no reason to leave it behind. While there are some who will need to re-purpose the TV they already have, others may want to turn another person’s trash into their treasure.

Did you know that these older televisions can actually be turned into an awesome bed for your cat? There are a number of creative thinkers out there who are trying their best. These cat beds are adorable AND retro! From the looks of things, this creative cat owner decided to remove all of the innards from the television set before adding a new background.

You’ll want to make sure that all of the glass and cords are taken out before you allow your cat to sleep in there. After all, you do not want any harm to come to your four-legged friend. Once you have placed a nice, plush bed or pillow inside, your cat will have no trouble getting comfortable. This is one of the coziest nooks that your cat has ever had the chance to chill out in.

The Instagram accounts that have been showcasing their handiwork have us jealous. These cat beds are beyond stylish. It’s the type of idea that makes so much sense, you’ll be wondering why you did not think of it first. You can add your own scripts and embellishments as needed so that your cat bed is specifically tailored to your pet’s personality.

This is your chance to make all of your retro dreams come true. Now, if you will excuse us, we need to go hunt for an old television set.

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