Neighbor’s Nosy Dog Keeps Jumping To Look Over Fence, So She Comes Up With A Hilarious Solution

A California woman named Jennifer Bowman has a very nosy neighbor. But that neighbor isn’t at all who you’d expect. It’s an adorable German Shepherd who constantly jumps up and down to peek over the fence into her backyard. Whether she’s trying to get a peek at Bowman’s dog, or just wants to survey her yard, she has a hard time staying in the air long enough to get a good look.

Instead of being annoyed at her nosy neighbor, animal lover Bowman decided to do the pup a hilarious favor to help her out. She drilled three holes into the fence – one for her nose and two for her eyes – so that she could peek through the fence with ease.

Bowman has since posted a video of the dog hilariously looking through her new peep-hole into her yard. The video has gone viral, and thousands from all over the country are praising Bowman for her good deed.

No this nosy doggy can spy on Bowman and her dog as she pleases, without having to exert so much energy jumping up and down!

Watch this silly pup testing out her new peep-hole in the video below. I bet you can’t watch it without smiling!

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