Zoo Welcomes Their First Birth Of The New Year: An Adorable Baby Penguin Named After The Late David Bowie!

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The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens had their first birth of the new year, a baby penguin! He was born on January 8th, David Bowie’s birthday. When they were accepting name suggestions on Facebook, they were told Bowie or Elvis, who also shares the same birthday. But since they already have a King penguin at the zoo named Elvis, they went with Bowie. Since David Bowie passed away two days later, the name now has a new meaning and is a wonderful tribute to the late singer.

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Baby Bowie is a blue penguin, the smallest penguin species on Earth. The Cincinnati Zoo has the largest colony of blue penguins in North America. This adorable little ball of fluff weighed just under two ounces! His caregivers say he’s very vocal, which means his name suits him well! Staff even played Bowie’s music for the chick. Watch the video below and see how adorable he is!!

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