He Looks Down As She Writes Something. The Expression On His Face? PRICELESS!

We all know the famous head-tilt that dogs do that melt our hearts into soup. When they tilt their heads, some experts believe they are adjusting their outer ears in order to better pinpoint the location of a noise. There’s no noises for this Bulldog puppy to hear, but he is extremely confused by his human’s pen. His human is writing, and the puppy is sitting there with a puzzled look on his face, tilting his head back and forth which also causes his big floppy ears to move around. At the end of the video, he looks up and gives a stare at his human as if he were saying, “what on Earth is that thing?!” You MUST watch this video…it’s definitely too cute to miss! If I were this puppy’s owner, I would hand-write a novel just to see that adorable face tilt back and forth!

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