Dog Found Alone In Park Was Abandoned For Being “Different.” Now, He’s Searching For A Forever Home

Last month, during one rainy day in Athens, Greece, a little dog was found freezing in a park all alone.

He appeared to be a Pekingese, but was bred badly. He suffers from a type of dysplasia and has a permanent head tilt. He also has a bad eye and ear which he cannot see or hear out of, and he cannot walk straight.

At five months old, this poor pup was abandoned just because he is “different.” But those differences he has does not stop him from being a normal dog. He can still do everything else just like every other dog, and none of it slows him down.

Despite his rough past, and all of his issues, he is one happy dog! Thankfully he was rescued by SCARS, and never has to worry about living alone on the streets ever again. They named him Stevie. Stevie always running and bouncing around and has such a great, outgoing personality. He’s also very affectionate and friendly and loves meeting new people.

Now, he’s waiting for a forever home and for someone to love him inside and out! If you’re interested in giving this unique pup a home, please contact SCARS at or message them on their Facebook page.

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