People Are Getting Matching ‘Pawdicures’ With Their Dogs Because Why Not

Chances are, if you have both kids and a dog, then as a parent you’ve probably had to rescue your pooch more than once from the infamous beauty time makeover. There’s just something about children and makeup that make them want to go bananas on the nearest living thing that doesn’t mind being a patient subject. And that more often than not ends up being the family dog.

In order to appease kids and their natural curiosity for playing beauty makeover with your pets, there is a cool new trend that I’m sure they would love: doggie nail polish.

This means that your kids and your dog can now sport matching mani/pedis. Or you, an adult, can also join the trend too – there’s no age restriction.

The pawdicure is definitely a much more safe alternative to human nail polish. The nail polish we use on ourselves is very, very toxic and dangerous to our furry friends. That is why it’s important to always use a dog-safe brand.

So, what are you waiting for? The whole family can join the fun!

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