This Preview Will Definitely Keep The Furrce With You! PAW WARS!

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With the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie coming out, Star Wars is EVERYWHERE. Every time you walk into a store, you’re guaranteed to see at least one thing Star Wars themed. I don’t mind it though, because I love those movies. I’m sure you’ve also seen some parodies, but this Star Wars puppy parody is the best one yet!

Titled “Paw Wars: The Furrce Awakens,” this video is filled with adorable jedi pups engaging in light saber battles with other pups, turtles, sea lions, and more! The special effects make the video even better. The best part is when the whole group of tiny puppies come running across the grass with light sabers, fire, and things flying all through the air. Too bad the real movie doesn’t include these adorable little pups!

Freddy The 7-Foot-Tall Great Dane: Click “Next” below!

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