Severely Underweight And Injured, Take A Journey With Patrick The Pit Bull On His Road To Recovery!

Patrick the Pit bull was rescued from a very neglectful home. He was extremely emaciated, had anemia, a horrible wound and was full of parasites. When you first see him, you can tell how neglected he has been, weighing almost 30 pounds less than he should. Thanks to Vet Ranch, he was saved and had an amazing transformation!

Patrick received two months of rigorous treatment to get him back to full health. He received a bath and was treated for his ticks and fleas as well as his parasites. After a week, he gained about seven pounds and has received hydrotherapy for the wound on his leg. He continued to gain weight and his wound continued to heal up. Eventually, he was completely healed up and was healthy and happy. He is now double his original weight, and you can see him wag his tail and play with his toys. He looks like a whole different dog! Thank God for the amazing people from Vet Ranch!

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