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Dog Rescue Stories: Patch Was Returned to the Shelter Nine Times

Patch’s forever parents went to Cleadon Kennels in North East England in August 2013, looking to adopt another dog after losing their 17 year old Jack Russell, Tyson, a few months earlier. When they walked in, all of the dogs got excited and started to bark, except for one quiet pup.

Patch (who was known as ‘Whisky’) was lying in his kennel, with his little nose stuck under the fence. He didn’t move or bark. Patch’s forever mom went over to him and he lifted his little head up and then put it back down.

It seemed like he had given up.

Patch’s new parents learned that he was found as a stray, and that he was about a year old. He had only been at Cleadon Kennels for a few months, but had already been returned nine times. His previous adopters claimed that he was unruly and yappy.

Patch’s parents knew that he just needed time to adjust to his new life, so they signed the adoption papers that day.

As soon as Patch left the kennels, he was full of life! When he got to his new forever home, he ran around everywhere. He also met his new fur brother, Odie, who taught him how to play with toys. After his burst of energy, Patch snuggled in his new bed. He then started to wheeze and cough, and his parents knew something was wrong.

They rushed him to that vet and found out that he had kennel cough and was seriously ill.

After medical care and a lot of love, he was back to his energetic self. However, because his chest was so weakened, he does have a relapse every now and then.

When you adopt a dog from Kennels Dogs Trust Organization, they give you a voucher to get your newly adopted pup microchipped, registered and neutered. When Patch’s parents took him to get microchipped, the lady from the kennel looked at them with a sad face, held her hands out and said “Oh, Whisky, you’ve been brought back again.”

His parents explained that he was just back to get microchipped, and that he had found his forever home.

Patch now works as a therapy dog with Alzheimers patients. He brightens their day by providing affection and love.

He’s a very special pup who just needed some stability and love in his life.

This story originally appeared at Positively Woof by Larry Kay.

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