Two Parrots Steal The Spotlight With Their Rendition Of ‘Old MacDonald’

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Fox 32 in Chicago thought it would be a fun segment to feature two singing parrots. The girls completely stole the show with their renditions of La Cucaracha and Old MacDonald. You can definitely tell these birds have had a lot of practice and live in a household with lots of music and singing!

Viewers were shocked by their performance and footage of their singing quickly went viral. One of the Fox 32 reporters, Jake Hamilton shared the video and it has already amassed more than 150,000 shares, thousands of comments and millions of views! Absolutely incredible.

Amazon parrots are very intelligent and are known to be extremely musically inclined. While they make great pets, animal experts say they do need a high level of care. They can easily become depressed or anxious if they are mistreated or do not get enough stimulation. However, if you take care of them you will be treated to a constant conversation buddy!

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