When This Dog Realizes Where His Owner Is Taking Him, His Reaction Is Off The Charts!

I only wish I could get as excited about something as this pup gets. His reaction is absolutely priceless when he realizes where his owner is taking him. You may ask where is he going? Because surely no typical car ride or vet visit would ever elicit such a response. Well, Scrattie is going to the dog park! And he is obviously very excited about that.

Upon realization of their intended destination, Scrattie starts barking and yipping happily. He leaps from his seat and into his owner’s lap in an attempt to show his gratitude in the form of some puppy kisses. I only wish this video showed Scrattie running happily in the park and interacting with some of the furry friends that he is bound to have.

Watching Scrattie and his obvious excitement at something as simple as going to the dog park will surely bring a smile to your face. I know it brought one to mine.

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