This Boxer Is Doing THIS Trying To Save The Planet One Walk At A Time!

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Paris, a 9 1/2-year-old Boxer, does her part in keeping the environment clean in her hometown of Bodmin, Cornwall in England. Her owner, Fran Hodges, says that whenever they go for walks, Paris picks up cans, bottles, wood blocks, plastic cups, and any other item she can find, and carries it until they reach home to put it in the correct recycling bin. Hodges says she has done this since she was a puppy, but this past year it’s been almost every time she goes for a walk.

“Our town isn’t particularly unkempt, but she does seem to sniff out aluminum cans and plastic bottles, among other items, in the hedgerows and gutters as we walk around the town in the evenings,” Hodges said. Paris was never trained to do this and was just smart enough to start doing it on her own. She won’t walk past a piece of litter without attempting to pick it up and take it with her to a recycling bin. What a smart pup Paris is, helping out the environment! You can follow her recycling journey on her Facebook page!

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