This Puppy Was Paralyzed And Vets Said She Would Never Move On Her Own Again. Watch Her Prove Them Wrong!

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Sunshine, a Rhodesian ridgeback, born on June 15, was a happy and healthy little pup. The only negative thing was that she suffered from intussusception, a life-threatening condition of the intestines, but she received two surgeries and was doing well. Unfortunately, something tragic happened soon after. While out of her owner’s vision, she got injured in the backyard and it caused her to become paralyzed from head to tail. The vets said that she would never move on her own again and they thought it’d be better if she were euthanized to relieve her of her suffering. Her owners would have listened to the vet’s advice, but Sunshine’s breeder, Mija Cyphert, went for a second opinion. Dr. Vincent Zaccheo of Warren Animal Hospital told Cyphert that Sunshine could heal with intense daily treatment.


Cyphert knew what she had to do. She took the pup home and began this vigorous physical therapy. Aside from the therapy, she also received laser treatment and acupuncture to stimulate her nerves and remind her body of the sensation of movement. Eventually, Sunshine began to move little by little. In the bath, she started moving backwards. Cyphert held her back and hind legs up on the bed and helped her practice moving her front legs. She finally took her first steps in a tub! She was put in a wheelchair to help her move easier, until she didn’t even need one anymore!

Now Sunshine runs around with other dogs and you’d never be able to tell that she was once fully paralyzed. This just goes to show that you should never ever give up on a dog no matter what! Sunshine is an inspiration! Watch her in the videos below, and check out her other videos on her humans YouTube channel.

Here is Sunshine taking her first steps on her own:

Here is Sunshine running around with her doggy pal:

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