This Woman Received The Surprise Of A Lifetime When She Saw Her Paralyzed Dog Doing THIS For The First Time In Years!

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Sammi the Springer Spaniel had surgery to remove excess bone near his spinal column, but it was unsuccessful. This left him paralyzed in all of his legs as he began intense rehabilitation. Doctors at the California Animal Rehabilitation center in Santa Monica, California, didn’t think he would ever walk again. Sammi needed a miracle!

Long days of extreme rehab turned into weeks and, believe it or not, that miracle came true! Sammi defied the odds and walked for the first time. Watch Sammi take his first steps, and get the tissues ready, because it’s his human’s first time seeing him walk again too! This is a perfect example of why you should never give up hope. Keep the faith, miracles happen every day! I am so happy that Sammi can walk again. What an amazing ending!

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