SuperHero Dog With Two Legs Finds A Forever Home

The McKamey Animal Center in Chattanooga has been the home of a “superhero” for quite some time. He came into the center earlier this year after being attacked by a larger dog, leaving him unable to use his back legs. The pooch was surrendered to the center by his owner.

In order to help the dog regain his health, the staff gave him a dog wheelchair to use. They now call him “Union” and he is on his way to having a forever home.

“Everyone fell in love with Union, how could you not?” said Mindy Kolin, development director.

At first, the attempt to adopt Union did not work. His new owners felt that it was too difficult to care for him. That is when veterinary care administrator Ms. Ha got involved. Because of his special condition, she started to handle the counseling for his adoption. She didn’t want to see him come back again and he is so adorable in a tiny little wheelchair that she knew somebody would love to have him in their home. Of course, she also acknowledged that it does take time to care for a paralyzed animal.

Any type of pet adoption is going to be a responsibility. Union is now living with the Allen family for a seven-day trial and they have finalized the adoption.

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