They Found A Baby Bunny Frozen And Unable To Move. What They Do For Him Will Warm Your Heart!

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In the last couple of week, Overlook Acres, a farm in Amsterdam, NY, has had nearly six litters of bunnies born. Not all of them survived due to the extremely cold temperatures, but the ones who did were brought inside by Christina Griffith to be bottle-fed and well taken care of. Just when they thought they saved them all, they found another baby bunny in the barn, frozen and unable to move. They immediately brought him in and warmed him up and after a few days he was back to eating normal. But one thing didn’t change: he was still unable to use his back legs.

He was paralyzed from his stomach down, which normally results in putting the animal down, but the bunny wasn’t in any pain. Instead of putting him down, they decided to give him a chance. Griffith decided to make something that would help him be able to walk, despite being paralyzed. She bought a mini skateboard and made it into a little wheel chair for him. He’s doing so well with it, and doesn’t know he’s any different from other bunnies. Watch how adorable and loving the little guy is in the video below:

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