Shelter Dog Was On A Walk, When She Slipped Loose And Found Herself In Imminent Danger…

Pandy is a 5-year-old terrier mix that was found alone and cold in the Lincoln Tunnel in New York during a recent blizzard. She was on a walk at the rescue group, Animal Haven, when she was probably spooked by the storm and slipped out of her collar. The volunteer walking her could not believe she ran away and called the police immediately. Pandy ran almost forty blocks when she found realized she was heading into oncoming traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel. That’s when NYPD Officers Nicholas Armenti, Manny Luongo and Steve Corrigan, came into help.

Credit: Animal Haven

Credit: Animal Haven

Officer Armeni spotted Pandy, then called Luongo and Corrigan to help surround the scared pup. Luckily for everyone, Pandy was able to be rescued safely and was delivered back to Animal Haven. Back at the shelter, the staff took a deep breath when they knew she was safe, and treated her for her injuries. She had bloodied paws from running across the frozen streets, but is now recovering and waiting for her forever home. If you would like to adopt Pandy, please check out her page on the Animal Haven Website.

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