Giant Pandas Aren’t Endangered Anymore! LET’S CELEBRATE!

For panda lovers, this is BIG news! The Giant Panda (the squishy black and white giants that we all just want to hug!) is no longer an endangered specie. THIS IS BIG SQUISHY CUDDLY NEWS! And what better way to celebrate than by watching this video and jumping for joy!

Statistics show that the population has increased 17% in a decade, which is incredible! All because conservationists put an end to capitalist gain on the land, protecting the perfect environment needed for specie survival.

Giant Pandas need to eat A LOT of bamboo to survive. They also need a safe place, like any other animal, to call home. Pandas also reproduce in a very delicate way! Their offspring is so tiny, that they need the right environment to survive. All these factors make it challenging but China did it!

This is a cause for celebration. The end to any specie is devastating! Now Giant Pandas can thrive on their own, without interference from us. I wish everyone could see the importance of preserving ALL species. Animals are important!


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