World’s Only Surviving Panda Triplets Reunite With Their Mom For The First Time Since Birth

The world’s only surviving panda triplets have been reunited with their mother, Juxiao, for the first time since birth.

The panda cubs, two boys and a girl, reside at China’s Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park. Three newborn cubs were too much for the mama bear to handle, but now that they’re bigger and stronger, they were able to meet their mom for the first time.

When the cubs were two months old, their mother took care of one baby at a time and the triplets were rotated. As they got older, she began taking care of two at a time to ease her into it. Now she gets to be with all three!

The mother accepted them right away and welcomed them in with giant bear hugs. She kept scooping them up and cuddling up with them. I think it’s safe to say that she’s going to be a great mother!

And lucky for us, the sweet first moments were all caught on camera! Watch how gentle and cute mama bear is with her cubs. It will be sure to melt your heart!

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