Adorable Panda Cub Climbs A Tree For The First Time, Then He Steals Your Heart!

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Remember the Panda, named Tian Tian, whose reaction to snow went viral? Well, now his son, a cub named Bei Bei who was born on August 22, is stealing our hearts, too! They reside at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C., and they are the most precious panda family! Baby Bei Bei ventured outside, and after a few failed attempts, finally climbed a tree for the first time!

His mother, Mei Xiang, was a little nervous about the accomplishment though. When she sees him up on the tree trunk, she thinks it’s a little too high for comfort. She walks over to it and immediately puts her arms up to guide him down. He keeps trying to climb up higher though but mama is just not having it! She eventually gets her way and helps him down off the tree. It’s so sweet to see the mom taking care of her cub! Watch it below:

Here is the first time that Bei Bei ventured outside:

And because it’s too cute to miss, here is Bei Bei struggling to stay awake as he’s introduced to the media. Look at that face!! He’s an adorable ball of fluff.

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