This Husky Starts Singing With His Human…But At 0:46, Get Ready To Smile Big Time!

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We all know that Husky’s love to howl, and are darn good at it too. Wookie the Husky loves to sing and belts out the baritone parts of a song with his human. He seems to really be enjoying himself, and I am really enjoying listening to him! But at 46 seconds in, the song gets even better!

The rest of the Husky pack joins in, during what I’d guess is the chorus. They are all howling loudly at the same time and it puts the biggest smile on my face. At the end, their human finally tells them to quiet down, but of course Wookie needs to get in the last word! I think these pups need to take their skills, become the next hot dog-band, and try out for America’s Got Talent. I think they have a fair shot! What do you think?

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