Separated At Adoption, Cat Brothers Meet Again When Their Humans Start Dating

Families come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. Some are human, some are extended to the furry kind (my favorite!).

When two cat brothers were adopted separately from a shelter, it was EXTREMELY unlikely they would ever see each other again. But then something incredible happened!

The cat brothers were found, along with their other siblings, in a mobile home park with no mama in sight. Their siblings were sent to other shelters and foster homes but Ozzy and Butter were paired together and sent to Petaluma Animal Services.

Petaluma Animal Services/Instagram

Petaluma Animal Services/Instagram

At nine weeks old, Ozzy and Butter were ready for adoption. Cathleen Calvin and her daughter went to the shelter, eager to adopt. They fell in love with BOTH of the brothers. But, rental restrictions only allowed for one kitten. “We were devastated. When we brought Ozzy home, for weeks, Cali, my daughter thought that Ozzy was upset as he wasn’t with his brother and I am sure she was right,” Cavin told Love Meow.

Cavin told her daughter she would call the shelter to check on his brother and just a few days later, Butter was also adopted! Cavin was thrilled to hear the good news but still, in the depths of her mind, she wondered if Butter was okay, where he was and if Ozzy felt his absence.

Then something pretty amazing happened! Cavin connected with a man named Brian Herrera after meeting on a dating app.

It was love at first sight!

Petaluma Animal Services/Instagram

Petaluma Animal Services/Instagram

Cavin went back to Herrera’s house and there, sitting pretty, was someone very special!

“I yelled out, ‘you have my cat!’ He thought I was crazy cat lady until I had him come over to my house and see Ozzy.”

Herrera was pretty shocked once he met Ozzy and saw the resemblance but still, the scenario was hard to believe– UNTIL he got out the adoption papers and saw, plain as day, that the cats are in fact, BROTHERS!

“Ozzy recognized Butter the first night and Butter seemed to be so comfortable with Ozzy that he must have recognized him, too,” Cavin said. To top it off, purrfectly, Cavin’s daughter was over the moon!

“Unbelievable fate! Brian and I have been together ever since our first date and now we not only found our soulmates, the cats are back together.”

Seems like this furry and human family were always meant to be!

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