Owners Of Black Cats Are Very Lucky People! That’s Right, LUCKY! Here Are The Reasons…

Superstition throughout the years has told us that black cats are an omen of bad luck. This superstition just happens to originate from Europe during the Middle Ages. Mostly because of the belief of black cats being associated with witches. This belief unfortunately carried over to the American witch trials as well, leaving black cats’ little chance to redeem their image. Especially since they’ve become wildly associated with Halloween in the modern world. But Black Cats aren’t all that bad.

Chris Poole, the owner behind Cole and Marmalade, creates a video telling the world 9 reasons why owners of black cats are very lucky. So in honor of a belated Black Cat Appreciation Day (Aug 17th) I decided to do a bit of digging and find some good omens associated with black cats.

4 Good Luck Omens Associated With Black Cats:

  1. In Yorkshire, England it was believed that keeping a black cat in the home of a fisherman meant that he would return safely. It was also believed that they were omens of good sailing weather if kept happy.
  2. In the English Midlands, black cats were a good luck wedding present for any bride.
  3. In the South of France, if you feed and treat a black cat well you will have good fortune.
  4. Opening night for a play will be successful if a black cat sits in the audience.

*Good luck information found on the website for Kinross Cattery on their Cat Superstition page

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