Owner Shows Timid Rescue Dog How To Jump Into The Truck

Dogs can sometimes be very sensitive animals. And one adorable little pup was a bit shy when it came to getting in a car. In fact, he was so sensitive that he ended up needing the help of his owner to overcome his fear of getting up into the truck.

Weston Mackey is the proud owner of Dudeson, the adorable pooch he rescued from Paw Works in California.

Dudeson proved himself to be quite a genuinely calm and relaxed dog, except for when it came time to get up into Weston’s truck. That is when the little pup would freeze and be unable to jump up.

That is when it became clear to Weston that he needed to help his little pooch figure out the proper way to climb up into his car. And that is exactly what Dudeson needed.

The clever canine watched as his owner demonstrated for him the proper technique a dog would need in order to climb aboard the truck. In the video, Weston is seen squatting down on all fours like a dog before springing up like a dog would into the car. As it turns out, Dudeson just needed a visual aid to help him figure out how to get up on his own!

Once Dudeson knew what to do, his truck jitters disappeared and he was able to get in on his own.

Watch the cute video below:

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