Owner Walks The Dog In A T-Rex Costume To Stay Safe Amid Coronavirus

The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused us all to make changes to our daily schedules and routines – and they’re pretty drastic changes as well. Many of us are no longer commuting into work at an office, but rather making the 5-minute commute from the bedroom to the living room or home office in order to start work. Trips to the grocery have become either hours-long ordeals, or scheduled home deliveries. All of our daily habits have been altered by the pandemic, but there is one habit that has pretty much stayed the same.

If we’re a dog owner then we’re still walking our dogs. Come rain or shine, or pandemic, our dogs need their exercise. While many of us still go out to walk our dogs, there is one change that has occurred – social distancing practices. For most of us, this means that when we go outdoors we take the necessary precautions, like staying away from people or wearing protective coverings such as masks and gloves.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little fun when it comes to walking our dogs in the pandemic – and one dog owner showed off major creativity with their getup for walking their dog. The owner actually went out to take their dog for a walk while wearing a giant T-Rex costume!

Besides being absolutely hilarious, it also took a lot of nerve to go out in something so ridiculous. But we are so glad that they did because it made for an incredibly funny video to watch. What was particularly impressive about the video was the fact that the dog seems completely unbothered by what his owner was wearing.

We can’t stop laughing – it’s precisely what we all needed to see right now. While we may have restrictions and regulations placed on a lot of things right now, at least we can still laugh and find the humor in an unfortunate situation. And thank goodness this dog owner reminded us of that with their silly outdoor display.

I just hope they thought out the T-Rex’s arm length when it comes to picking up after their dog…

Watch the T-Rex video below:

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