170 Farm Animals Were SAVED From Heartbreaking Conditions. Now, They Can Live The Life Deserved

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Farm Sanctuary, an organization that rescues farm animals and combats the abuses of factory farming, received a call about animals who were living on a farm property in New York’s Hudson Valley with deplorable conditions. When they arrived on the scene, it was even worse than they expected. Over 170 animals were living there, amidst filth and debris. Many of the animals were emaciated, some were anemic, some covered in fleas, among many other problems.

Thankfully, the staff from Farm Sanctuary was able to get every single animal out of there. From sheep to goats to pigs, all of these animals were rescued and some brought to the hospital where they received special treatment. The others were all evaluated and also received the medicines they needed. Now the animals can live with the proper nutrients, care, and love that they deserve!


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