Over 100 Dogs Show Up To Disabled Boy’s Birthday Party

How many of us love to celebrate our pets’ birthdays? It’s probably safe to assume that the majority of us acknowledge our furry companions’ special day somehow. We might get them a present or give them extra treats. We might even throw them a little birthday bash with the family.

Well one lucky dog named Theo ended up having the birthday bash of a lifetime when 100 dogs showed up at his house in order to help the pooch celebrate his 7th birthday. His owner, Melody Jo Rensberger, wanted to do something special for Theo.

That is when she got the idea to log onto Facebook and put the word out that she wanted to do something special for Theo’s big day. What she had in mind was have people walk their dogs past their home in order for Theo to enjoy a doggie treat with a few canine friends. In total, Melody wasn’t expecting any more than maybe 15-20 dogs to drop by.

She turned out to be very mistaken. People on Facebook saw the message and wanted to help Theo celebrate in style. By the end of the Wednesday, there had been a total of around 100 dogs who came with their humans to say hello to Theo. Many of them even were kind enough to bring the birthday boy toys and presents.

Everyone wanted to get to know Theo. It turned out that Melody herself had a very intense afternoon of socializing with the other pet parents – many of whom were so curious about Theo. She was asked all sorts of questions like where she got him from, how old he was, how she picked his name – just all the questions. And of the dogs who came, some of them even performed a few impressive tricks for the birthday boy.

Melody was touched by all the outpouring of love and support shown to Theo from complete strangers. There were even some who drove as far as 45 minutes away just to stop and say hi to Theo. There were others who borrowed their neighbor’s or family’s dogs and others who changed their daily schedules just in order to accommodate a quick drop-in. A lot of the dogs that stopped by were even dressed up for the occasion or had brought a specially made birthday sign for Theo.

It was incredibly touching for Melody because her beloved Theo actually lives with a disability. He was born with spina bifida. And one of the dogs, a little Chihuahua, that came to say Happy Birthday also had spina bifida. So it was nice for Theo to make a friend who understood his struggles.

As Melody detailed out in a post to Facebook afterward, it wasn’t an easy road raising Theo. The poor dog had been through multiple surgeries and has gone through his fair share of devices to help him walk, such as 2 walkers, 1 wheelchair, and 6 pairs of leg braces. While she never imagined that would be her life, she noted that she was eternally grateful for Theo and wouldn’t change anything about the past 7 years that she’s spent with him.

On her post, she wrote a special thank you to everyone who turned out to say hello. She tried to name as many as possible, but as she admitted, she couldn’t remember everyone’s name. And that is totally fair, she did not anticipate around 100 dogs and even more humans turning up to say Happy Birthday to her precious pooch.

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