The Daily Indoor Life of An Otter Whenever Dad Is Away

Having an animal at home can truly brighten your place. They are like toddlers that make you smile and need your attention every day. Humans aren’t the only ones who get attached to animals because they can reciprocate those feelings. Your pets are happy when you’re around, they are excited to play with you and receive cuddles and kisses from their favorite humans. It’s immensely rewarding to nurture them because they return those feelings a hundred percent. Also, with their hilarious antics, you have a reason to laugh even when you don’t want to. Animals are precious creatures, and it’s a privilege to be their companion. That’s why they deserve a home or a life that keeps them happy, comfortable, and safe.

Photo: Youtube/Kotsumet

A pet’s clinginess is an indication that they love you so much. For this reason, they get sad and sulk in a corner whenever you leave home. Although they get sulky, they patiently wait at home and go on with their daily routine. Two otters behave that way every time their dad leaves for work. Kotaro and Hana’s human parents shared their daily indoor life on their Youtube channel. The otter siblings are so adorable, and it’s fascinating to see them act like toddlers. You can totally tell from their routine that they are content and comfortable living there. Kotaro and Hana freely roamed that house as if they also own it. They’ll be eating in the kitchen and then lounging in the living room.

Photo: Youtube/Kotsumet

Hana usually hangs out with her dad on the sofa and takes naps with him. It’s their thing whenever he’s around. But that day, Hana waited for Dad on the sofa until she realized he was not home. She seemed sad and went to her comfort space. It was a box full of stuffed toys — the disappointed Hana might have wanted to cuddle with someone. There were stuffed toys of different animals, and two of them resembled an otter, which made the video more endearing. While Hana was in a sour mood, her brother Kotaro had a nice time in the pool. Hana stayed in a crate near the pool — still sad that Dad hadn’t returned yet.

Their mom was there for them the whole day and tried to make Hana feel better as well. She was very patient with the otter and allowed her to express her feelings. Amidst the sadness, Hana was distracted by her brother as they played in the pool. Time passes quickly when you’re enjoying it, and before they knew it, Dad had returned. Hana and Kotaro excitedly waited for him behind the door. They hadn’t seen him yet, but they easily recognized their human dad’s steps. Both happily ran towards him on the sofa, and he greeted them with belly rubs. The whole video was so heartwarming that you’ll smile for six whole minutes. Have a glimpse of their daily indoor life below and share it with a loved one to spread happiness.

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