You HAVE To Watch This Adorable Otter Eating Her Food At The Dinner Table! (Yes, Really!)

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Okay, now I’ve seen it ALL! An otter eating food at the dinner table?! Is this real life?! It most certainly is, even though this video seems too cute to be true! This adorable otter is sitting at the dinner table like a human, eating her food out of her bowl with her little hands! She looks just like a little toddler, since they eat their food with their hands as well.

She grabs the food, pops it in her mouth and looks up as she chews. It’s sooo cute! But I think eventually she gets tired of being so polite. The best part is when she hops up onto the table and lies down as she’s still chewing. Then she reaches over and brings the bowl closer to her and continues to eat while lying down! This otter is so sweet and silly!

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